Reach top and get better search position in app store by buying iOS App Reviews

The app store has many apps, and not many as in hundreds or even thousands but millions. One must know is very difficult for a developer to make an app which can stand out in those millions of apps. The new app would be fighting for rating, a large number of positive reviews and the total count of number of downloads. To win the battle against well established companies, the huge conglomerates which have large number of resources and has a workforce enough to make their own army. One would think that they don’t stand a chance against such a large group and hence this line of work is not for them, it is not their cup of tea but one must know that however big the challenge is there must a solution to it. Of course one cannot advertise their app in comparison to the large companies, that is not possible and even if it is, it won’t be feasible. It may be the case that your app is better than the apps build by these companies, your app may provide more ease of usage, it may have a better user interface but if one does not do any kind of publicity, it would lead to the death of an app. You may have noticed that developers have put their blood and sweat into making the app but the result was not in their favour and hence the app became obsolete, which lead to the downfall of the app.

A ray of hope

Due to such a high competition many developers tend to opt out and work for others instead. This is just not acceptable, by letting such developers go we are depriving the world of some of the best apps which has a potential to be something larger and cover a bigger part of the picture. So for a newbie to survive in an era where the ranking and rating of an app speaks for itself and leads to success of an app. A developer can buy reviews for app store. One can boost mobile downloads in the same way. A developer can approach companies which provide ratings and positive reviews for an app for a mere price. A developer can approach such a company and simply ask them, review my app and I’ll pay you for it. It is kind of a rare thing but this is the only way a new developer with a new app can survive in this brutal era of competition. One may ask how to get app reviews, its simple. Hire a review firm and give them access to your app and leave the rest to them. They’ll provide you with a higher ratings by various users they have. The reviews would be all positive and work in favour of the app. In such away one can buy downloads for your app. Due to this one can easily reach the top. An app with more number of downloads and installs will always hover in the top of a search result. The app store assigns apps with a search position depending upon what the search is made of. A better search position means whenever a search query is made your app would occupy the top search results. The better the search position, the higher the app is in the results. A higher position leads to better visibility. And we all know what happens then, an app which is more visible grabs the attention of user. All this to promote your app and make it reach the eyes of the users. Once they start using your app and start giving you the real feedback, you may discontinue the paid reviews. This is a boon to the developers who are entering the app development business and wanted to make a mark of themselves. One can easily approach such companies or firms and get their app reviews and ratings increased. It is human psychology that humans prefer something which is better than other, if I am donating and I ask you to choose for yourself between a ten rupees note and a twenty rupees note what would you choose? The twenty rupees note! Same is the case with the apps, an app with higher rating, large number of positive reviews attracts more users and hence will lead to popularity of the app. All the things such as buying app reviews and ratings is just to set up the foundation, to provide a base for the new app. One should consider this as a part of marketing and hence like an outreach plan. It is a good marketing plan if one takes the key aspects in to the consideration. For one to stay ahead of the competition one must utilise such techniques to grow. Also one must keep caution to the two points or you can say, two aspects of it.  One, reviews by bots are not acceptable by the app store. The app store governs stern rules against the defaulters who provide fake reviews or reviews done by bots. So one must check with the marketing firm or the company as to the reviews are made by human beings or not. And secondly, a developer must think of this as an initial boost to the app, a way of head start into the app store. Being solely depended on it gives no actual joy the developer. When the app has expected number of actual users, the developer must not retain this method and instead head for the actual reviews and rating. This would lead to a better understanding of the market. The real people may provide some negative feedbacks, they may find some bugs into the app but instead of taking it otherwise, and the developer must see it as something to work upon. Taking it as a challenge will not only help the developer but also help the users get a better product.

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