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It is quite an essential task on the part of the developer to substantially publish and advertise their app in order to attain a success that should be much less of an artifice, rather an appreciative and a much natural one. Launching a very enthralling, appealing, entertaining app in the market, and sitting back for an unexpected miracle that the app might flourish in the market is something that might lead to the downfall and a total messed up business in this highly competitive app world. Millions of apps rule the software world, whereas some are simply the newcomers looking forward to fight back the tremendous competition that they face once they enter the app market .

Well, under such conditions the basic need of a start up application is an excellent promotion of the app in the highly competitive market so as to grab the first of the most potential customers and thus , enhance their business. An influx in the volume of customers is gradually going to rate the app as the best one in the app world. That, is the goal of every app developer. However, budget counts. A high budget app and a higher budget promotion done un intellectually can lead to utter failure. On the other hand a low budget app in the market with intelligent promotion strategies might explode into success. Thus keeping in mind, money matters, the basic rather the easiest way of app promotion is resorting to buying app installs, well a bit of artifice hardly matters!!!

The commerce that counts…

A well handled commerce for a particular application is as much important and a tough job as well as the development of the app. Perhaps the entire prosperity of the app basically depends on its marketing strategies. It matters so much so, that , a potential app might sink in the competition just because of poor marketing strategies whereas an inferior app might win the game because of apt marketing deals. This is why many app developers look forward to buying iPhone app reviews and ratings, buying AppStore reviews or buying play store reviews. Well, the concept might be misunderstood but, it is not same as buying of thousands of false five stars for the application. It is actually, the influx of the sheer volume of android app ratings or android app reviews that shall inject a potentially worthy feedback for the app. The benefits of buying AppStore reviews shall be eventually exposed.

The miracles to success…

Buying Android and iOS app downloads and mobile installs works as the magic pills to all those app developers who wish to flourish from a small starting to a large scale online earning. That  doesn’t fail to contribute to their reputation in the app development market and cope up with the increasing competition in the market. The number of potential customers should definitely matter when it comes to influx of downloads. However advertising strategies determine the commendable visibility of the app with a proper exposure. Sometimes app fail on proper advertising strategies. Thus arises a need of buying iOS app downloads, mobile installs, android bought installs for the app. So there is a rake in the need of boosting mobile installs artificially. First step is therefore to discover a boasting app promoting service provider. Next , proper categorising of the app is necessary.  The very next step would be to target the app audience. For an instance, for developed countries like USA the number of potential users being more, it would be better to analyse the cost of the app amongst the app crazy customers and thus proceed with the purchase of a download.

Bought app ratings…

A full fledged app promotion quite naturally calls for modified app ratings so that potential customers are lured to the app that aims to form a fresh craze of the market.

Well, Efficiency of the developer retains in the fact that he adopts numerous strategies in marketing field that turn out to be the step to success. Apart from buying reviews from AppStore and play-store, it is also necessary to manually modify the android app ratings. Then comes in the need to buy ratings for the app on android and iOS . In this context, the app developer might offer numerous offers, discounts and in app excitements to reach out to a large number of global customers. So the downloads increases. Also, impressive downloads are worked upon by a large number of app promoting companies, which provide low budget artificial ratings to assign a top rank to the app, by pushing forward the android app ratings. There again, is a step forward to impressive app gains.

Review by android…

If your app is android then it is quite necessary that the app gets duly certified by android central. That would provide  a great background support to your app. Perhaps, there would be a genuine review report against buying app reviews for android. The competition is not easy at all, and there a thousands of app to be reviewed. So a few suggestions here to make an easily noticeable app.

So a better review succeeds a better app presentation.

. You perhaps need to include contact links.

. A highly attractive icon might help.

. Screenshots are a must put up for android apps to get a better review after submission.

. The android app link must be updated.

. The demo video must be a duplicate plethora of intelligence.

It’s necessary however to quote a few app submission sites in this context.

App submission sites.

In this huge software competition there is got to be an awesome app, with excellent strategies to sustain the competition. Partners must be dedicated enough to work upon the field successfully. I remind, one might go for paid app reviews and bought android app reviews. But false advertisement I say incurred huge wastage, both in terms of money and software reputation.

Here are some successfully verified sites however, that might help propagating the app business.


it is however better not to keep more than a 5-15% profit rate conversion for the app from these sites though they are well verified.

Well, the Android system is the craze of the upcoming Asian generation, therefore if an app aims to flourish, it would need a permanent place in the Google App Store. Reviews must aptly back the app and therefore here is the list of the TOP 6 app reviewing sites of Android.

  1. AndroidTapp- If you are in search of a perfect platform to expose your talent in the field of software and app development, here it is! Cause AndroidTapp provides a complete package of the craziest updates and customer demands, besides the experienced and explicitly adoptable recommendations,  and the additional gift of live interviews with mobile app developers. It would be a golden opportunity if you are selected for these interviews, perhaps it would be working a lot on the best marketing strategies that you can afford, with the perfect exposure needed for your app.
  2. AppBrain- well, briefly summarising the chitin of the site: . It has a ‘ catalog-style data base’. Well, this is appreciable because you can search your preferences. Also, it will keep you appdated. You get to know about the latest publicly appreciated and accepted apps and their respective reviews. Just present your app, justly, and leave the rest of the work to be done by the brain.
  3. AndroidLib- it is another topper of the list of the Android App review sites. Well, it is a public representator of your app. Your app is presented to be reviewed by the users. It opens a public platform, rather a forum for your app to be reviewed by the future customers of the App.
  4. AndroidApps- it is the next star of the list, quite neatly laid, with a ‘blog-style database’. It basically recommends apps for its users besides providing impressive app descriptions for aptly promoting your app. Well, it works upon the economic aspects of the app such as price drops on the app, and also exposes the top and the best reviewers so that you can choose the best one for yourself.
  5. AppsZoom- also called AndroidZoom is also quite a preferable app review site.

So, these were the most celebrated Android app review sites. Now, we shift our focus from Android to iOS.

As, the tough competition still exists in the market of software development between iOS and Android, yet it would be unjustified to neglect iOS on the context of our discussion, so here I jot down a few celebrated app review sites of the iOS.


App promotion substantially forms the skull behind the successful launching of a newly developed app in the app stores where thousands of pre-reputed apps are already occupying a greater part of the field. A refined marketing strategy is expected of every newbie in the app market. Efficient promotion demands an impressive budget that promises to be profitable through the run.

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