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The introduction and use of apps has been a revolution of the century.Today, almost every person has access to a smartphone and along with it, he has access to countless number of apps. Apps have been around us since the beginning of the use of smartphones and with passing time, the complexity and use of apps have been on the verge of exponential growth. Today, there is an app for almost each and everything that you can wish for. Want to play soccer? There are apps for it. Not only that, there are sport gaming apps for cricket, hockey, chess, billiards, pool and even ludo. There are countless number of apps for booking cabs, booking tickets, booking hotels, ordering food and even shopping online. With the introduction of e-banking, there are now e-wallets and banking apps and today they are considered to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the app business. All of these sound profitable, but you should not confuse it to be easy. App development is a really tough task and it takes a lot to create a worthy app. There are so many aspects that has to be looked at while developing app. Apart from the usual code line, the developers have to invest a lot of time and money on the app layout, the UI and even on developing the app logo.

The competition is real

Well, developing an app alone is not enough. Just to give you an idea of the competition, there are 3 million apps alone in the Play Store and around 2 million apps in the iOS store. And on top of that, there are few key companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and lots more who have clearly dominated the app market. In clear words, it is very hard to gain audience when these top key companies have already won over the app market. In such a stringent place, imagine the level of effort and dedication you have to put to get just 1000 downloads alone.

There are many strategies when it comes to wining the app store. Methods are many but you don’t know whether it will be successful or not. After all, the app market is a really unpredictable place. Not only that, the number of developers competing in the app market is enormous. So, it will take more than simple techniques to win audience in the app market. You should have really good app ranking to ensure a good and profitable business. And to ensure a good app ranking, you should have good app ratings, good app reviews and a good number of app installs. And all of these need professional help to improve these factors.

Some Professional help

When it comes to getting reviews and installs for your app one thing that you can be assured of is that it is easy to get them. Many developers are clueless about buying app installs and reviews. This is expected also because only few people successfully use this option. Coming back to the topic, if you want to get ratings and reviews, you should always look for professionals who can do it. Going to uncertain people or services can lead to huge losses and in case they use bots, your app might get blocked or even your developer account can be suspended too. Both the Play Store and the iOS Store has strict rules regarding the use of bots in the app store. Both these stores strictly ban buying app ratings, reviews and installs. But given the competition and the advantages that buying app installs and reviews give, it is always a plus-advantage to buy them but only when it is risk free and it keeps you safe from banning.

You can look for professional freelancers online. If you go around or or, you will come across many professionals who can write reviews for you and cen even bulk rate your app. Paying these freelancers can certain benefits. These freelancers can be hired to write professional reviews for your app and even rate and install your app before reviewing them. This makes the whole process look as if it was a genuine install by an user. You can also revert to app review websites and management/marketing firms for your app installs and reviews. These firms have an enormous user base and these users can rate your app, along with installing it and writing a fairly composed review for your app. Not only that, these firms have a very low rate of service and therefore, they can be used as per convenience. The best thing about them is that every install and review is organic and there is no risk involved. Meaning, you can be assured that Google or Apple will not block your developer account and that your app will not be blocked by them. After all, every thing done by these professionals are organic and risk-free.

We would like to warn you a bit too. There are many services which claim to be organic but still they make use of bots for the app installs and reviews. These services should not be used in any case as they pose a threat to both your app’s reputation and finances as well. Make sure you follow and use trusted professionals and be safe from the scam going on in the internet.

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